Friends of the Blaine House

The Friends of the Blaine House exists to help Maine State Government maintain the character, physical integrity, and historical significance of the official residence of the Governor of the State of Maine, familiarly called “The People’s House.” Along with protecting and maintaining the grounds, gardens, and interior appointments of the House, The Friends works and raises monies to promote and preserve the House’s enduring connection to Maine’s history and to the State’s many peoples. The Friends supports promotion of knowledge about the House and its occupants, public access to the House; recognizing that familiarity with the past enhances the eternal values of place, purpose, and community.

The Blaine House

Board of Directors


Andrew McKinnon, President / Treasurer
Will Lund, Vice President
Donna McNeil, Secretary

Ex Officio Directors

Janice David, Governor's Designee
Kirk Mohney, Director of Maine Historic Preservation Commission
Bernard Fishman, Director, Maine State Museum
Elaine Clark, Dep. Comm. of the Dept.
     Administrative and Financial Services

Advisors to the Board

Leslie Oster, Director of the Blaine House
Earle Shettleworth, Jr., Maine State Historian
Laurie LaBar- Chief Curator of History and Decorative Arts, Maine State Museum
Chris Hart - Executive Chef, Blaine House

Appointed Directors

Genie Gannett
Phyllis Siebert
JR Philips
Barbara Harvey
Jeanne Langsdorf
Sarah Day
Andre Cushing
Elizabeth Hoglund
Laura Sprague
Erin Ovalle
David Greenham
William Bridgeo

* The Board of Directors consists of the Directors of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission, the Maine State Museum, and the Bureau of General Services, the Governor's spouse or designee, and twenty additional individuals, who shall be appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of, the Governor.

Centennial Endowment Fund

The Centennial Endowment Fund was created in 2019 on the 100th anniversary of Harriet Blaine Beale’s gift of the Blaine House to the State of Maine.  Built in 1833, this historic building and its grounds require diligent upkeep.  The goal of the Fund is to ensure that resources will always be available to maintain this treasured piece of Maine history.  Large scale projects, the acquisition of historical documents and items related to the Blaine House, and important restorations are the focus of the Fund’s assets, ensuring that the building and grounds are protected no matter the current economic conditions.  

The Blaine House has been the home of Maine’s Governors for over 100 years.  Help us to preserve this historic home for the next 100 years and longer. 

Blaine House Centennial Endowment Fund



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