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Sidney Perham

DATE OF BIRTH:  March 31, 1819

PLACE OF BIRTH:  Woodstock


DATE OF DEATH:  April 10, 1907

PLACE OF DEATH:  Washington, D.C.


PROFESSION:  Teacher, Farmer




TERM IN OFFICE:  January 5, 1871 – January 7, 1874


FIRST LADY:  Almena J. Hathaway


QUOTE: It is a source of regret that so many young men, well situated in the country, are allured by the success of the few who have exchanged the farm for the city, and with eyes closed to the failure of the many, are crowding into the large cities.

Inaugural Address, January 1, 1872


OTHER ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICES: Woodstock Selectman, State Representative (Speaker of the House), Presidential Elector, Clerk of the Supreme Court for Oxford County, Congressman, President of the Board of Trustees of the Industrial School for Girls, Collector of Customs for Portland, President of the Board of Trustees of Westbrook Seminary, Chairman of the Pension Committee, Appraiser of the Port of Portland

Governor Sidney Perham


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