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Robert P. Dunlap

DATE OF BIRTH:  August 17, 1794

PLACE OF BIRTH:  Brunswick


DATE OF DEATH:  October 20, 1859

PLACE OF DEATH:  Brunswick






TERM IN OFFICE:  January 2, 1834 – January 19, 1838


FIRST LADY:  Lydia Chapman


QUOTE: It is not sufficient that towns are required to maintain schools, nor that schools are kept within the reach of all our youth; the desired result will seldom be obtained…unless the several towns shall be enabled to procure faithful and competent teachers.

Inaugural Address, January 2, 1834


OTHER ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICES: State Representative, State Senator (Senate President), Executive Councilor, Congressman, Collector of the Port of Portland, Postmaster of Brunswick, President of the Board of Overseers of Bowdoin College

Governor Robert P. Dunlap


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