Friends Of The Blaine House

The Blaine House

Lewis O. Barrows

DATE OF BIRTH:  June 7, 1893



DATE OF DEATH:  January 30, 1967

PLACE OF DEATH:  Pittsfield


PROFESSION:  Druggist, Insurance




TERM IN OFFICE:  January 7, 1937 – January 2, 1941


FIRST LADY:  Pauline Henderson


QUOTE: Due to economic reasons many of our present schools are far below minimum standards and hardly worthy of the name. Teachers are often obliged to accept very meager salaries, and in some instances have received no salary for several months at a time. Such a condition constitutes a challenge to every thinking citizen. To obtain for these towns the proposed minimum program…it is estimated that only $500,000 per year beyond the present State school fund would be required.

Inaugural Address, January 7, 1937


OTHER ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICES: Town Treasurer of Newport, Republican State Committeeman, Executive Councilor, Secretary of State

Governor Lewis O. Barrows


Portland Press Herald, January 31, 1967.



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