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Joshua L. Chamberlain

DATE OF BIRTH:  September 8, 1828



DATE OF DEATH:  February 24, 1914



PROFESSION:  College Professor




TERM IN OFFICE:  January 4, 1867 – January 5, 1871


FIRST LADY:  Frances C. Adams


QUOTE: It has been proposed to erect a monument to commemorate the virtues of the dead, which shall testify to coming generations our gratitude to heroism. But when so many widows and orphans are crying for bread, and so many wounded are over-worn and lying patiently by, hopeless of any active part in the country’s rejoicing, I for one feel that our first duty is to these.

Inaugural Address, January 4, 1867


OTHER ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICES: Major General, President of Bowdoin College, Member of the 1878 Paris Exposition Commission, Collector of Customs for Portland

Governor Joshua L. Chamberlain


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