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Joseph R. Bodwell

DATE OF BIRTH:  June 18, 1818



DATE OF DEATH:  December 15, 1887

PLACE OF DEATH:  Hallowell


PROFESSION:  Farmer, Businessman (Owner of granite works in Vinalhaven and Hallowell)




TERM IN OFFICE:  January 6, 1887 – December 15, 1887


FIRST LADY:  Hannah C. Fox


QUOTE: The Industrial School for Girls, established some years since at Hallowell, has proved an excellent institution. It has saved a large number of girls from the unfortunate surroundings in which fate had placed them and has secured for them respectable employment.

Inaugural Address, January 6, 1887


OTHER ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICES: Mayor of Hallowell, State Representative

Governor Joseph R. Bodwell


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