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The Blaine House

John H. Reed

DATE OF BIRTH:  January 5, 1921

PLACE OF BIRTH:  Fort Fairfield


PROFESSION:  Potato Farmer




TERM IN OFFICE:  December 30, 1959 – January 5, 1967


FIRST LADY:  Cora M. Davison


QUOTE: There is much to be done in the field of safety on the job. In the last year of record the total of 44 on-the-job fatalities was the highest since we have kept reports. I believe that occupational safety supervision should be extended to all work places; that special attention be given the construction industry which is not now covered by a State Safety Service.

Inaugural Address, January 5, 1961


OTHER ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICES: State Representative, State Senator (Senate President), Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, U. S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Moldives

Governor John H. Reed


Hunt, H. Draper. “Governor John H. Reed,” The Blaine House, Home of Maine Governors. Augusta: Friends of the Blaine House, 1994, pp.143-157.



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