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John Fairfield

DATE OF BIRTH:  Jan. 30, 1797



DATE OF DEATH:  Dec. 24, 1847

PLACE OF DEATH:  Washington, DC






TERM IN OFFICE:  1) January 4, 1839 – January 12, 1841
2) January 4, 1842 – March 7, 1843


FIRST LADY:  Anna Paine


QUOTE: [Government] is not a power adverse to that of the people… It is in fact a part of the people themselves; having, with them, identical interests and common objects. The enjoyment of equal rights, a common participation in the choice of public officers, the sentiment of patriotism, a general diffusion of intelligence…are far better guarantees for the stability of government, than any that merely mercenary interests can afford.

Inaugural Address, January 4, 1842


OTHER ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICES: Reporter of Decisions of the Maine Supreme Court, Congressman, U.S. Senator

Governor John Fairfield


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