Friends Of The Blaine House

The Blaine House

Angus S. King, Jr.

DATE OF BIRTH:  March 31, 1944

PLACE OF BIRTH:  Alexandria, Virginia


PROFESSION:  Lawyer, Businessman




TERM IN OFFICE:  January 5, 1995 – January 9, 2003


FIRST LADY:  Mary Herman


QUOTE: Before we are rich or poor, before we are north or south, before we are Republicans or Democrats, or Independents, we are first of all members of the human family; we are fathers and mothers, neighbors and friends.  We are, simply put, the people of Maine.

Inaugural Address, January 5, 1995

Governor Angus S. King, Jr.


King, Angus.  Making A Difference.  Brunswick: Angus King for Governor Committee, 1994.



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