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Albion K. Parris

DATE OF BIRTH:  July 19, 1788



DATE OF DEATH:  February 11, 1857





POLITICAL AFFILIATION:  Democratic-Republican


TERM IN OFFICE:  January 5, 1822 – January 4, 1827


FIRST LADY:  Sarah Whitman Parris


QUOTE: It gives me anxiety, to be obliged to inform you, that in consequence of the disagreement of the American and British Commissioners under the treaty of Ghent, in relation to the true boundary between the United States and the British Provinces, the final division of the lands…will necessarily be delayed to a period uncertain.

Inaugural Address, January 5, 1822


OTHER ELECTED OR APPOINTED OFFICES: County Attorney for Oxford County, Massachusetts State Representative and Senator, Congressman, U. S. District Court Judge, County Attorney for Cumberland County, U. S. Senator, Maine Supreme Court Justice, Comptroller of the U. S. Treasury, Mayor of Portland

Governor Albion K. Parris


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