Friends of the Blaine House
The Blaine House

Blaine House - Maine's Governor's Mansion

The Blaine House - Maine's Governor's Mansion

The Blaine House is not only the home of Maine's Governors and their families: it is also a public building. As such, it is subject to constant use. While basic upkeep of the building is taken care of by state government, there are many aspects of maintaining the Blaine House and its grounds that have required private funds.

In 1989, Governor McKernan and his wife, now U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe, began a Blaine House restoration program that made many important improvements. It was aided by the formation of a Friends group and it is upon this foundation that the present Friends of the Blaine House seeks to build a permanent organization, dedicated to keeping and enhancing our pride in the Blaine House.

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Baxter in the Blaine House

In Baxter in the Blaine House, the lively Jack Russell terrier mix
offers young readers a tour of the mansion that has been home to
Maine’s governors and their families since 1920. Baxter guides
children through his daily schedule as supervisor of the rooms,
while pointing out historic objects and his own favorite places—
including, of course, his special spot in the kitchen.
Many fourth-grade classes tour the Blaine House while studying
Maine history, and meeting Baxter is often a highlight of their visit.

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  • Preserve the Blaine House and important Blaine House artifacts
  • Acquire period artifacts to enhance the Blaine House
  • Currently restoring the Game Room where JG Blaine and subsequent Governors have played billiards over the years.
  • Renew fabrics and carpets
  • Continue development of the gardens and grounds
  • Continue the Internship Program - begun in 2000 to research the history of the Blaine House and Maine's governors
  • Create an Orientation Center - a future plan for a center for the public to include a lecture hall, a gallery to exhibit works by Maine artists, meeting rooms and offices for research interns


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Guide to the Blaine House
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Maine’s Governors

Which Maine Governors held office for only two days?

Which Maine Governor was Baxter State Park named for?

Learn the answers to these questions and more by viewing these pages about the 69 interesting men who have held our state’s highest office.

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Garden and grounds photos taken by Matthew Hunt and Kris Weeks-Oliveri
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